Early settlers from Spain and Mexico were the first to claim the tribal lands of Native Americans along the Cibolo. The Republic days of Texas in the 1840s witnessed the creation of settlements in the area when the first wave of settlers came from the Old South in hopes of establishing cotton plantations, followed closely by immigrants from the Prussian Empire, including Germans and Polish. The settlement was initially given the name, “Post Oak” but 1859, it was discovered another town already had the name, it was officially changed to “Lavernia.” The unusual history of the beautiful Italian name can be found in issue #1 of Lavernia Legacies.

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Our Publications
Lavernia Legacies $8 each or $30 for all five issues.  Available at the La Vernia News office, Sue’s Antiques and the La Vernia Heritage Museum.

These 8.5 x11″ fully indexed, softbound issues contain stories, photos, lists, facts and maps about historic La Vernia. Written by local historians, our members, local families, and volunteers.

Issue #1
– La Vernia – Where the Old South Met the Wild West, by Allen and Regina Kosub
-The La Vernia Depot, shared by Helen Freeman
-La Vernia as Featured in 19th Century Newspapers, by Allen and Regina Kosub
-La Vernia’s Chihuahua Trail, by Regina and Allen Kosub
-The Western Chronicle, collected by Allen and Regina Kosub
-Deaf Smith Oak Tree, by Shirley Grammer
-Thomas Applewhite Homestead, by Shirley Grammer
-Samuel Pressley Wiseman Racket Store, by Shirley Grammer
-The Lay Hotel, by Shirley Grammer
-In Memoriam, and more.
Issue #2
-The Homemade Soap Legacy, by Susan Richter
-Excerpts from ‘La Vernia Memories, the 1930s’, by Ewald Koepp, Jr.
-Excerpts from ‘World War II in La Vernia’, by Ewald Koepp, Jr.
-The Way Things Were, by Bill Wiseman
-The Lay Hotel Update, by Shirley Grammer
-The McAlister Family of Wilson County, by Shirley Grammer
-A La Vernia Legacy at the Corner of Hackberry and Seguin, by Susan Richter
-Memories of La Vernia, a letter from Ruby Rodewald
-The Suttles Pottery, by Elaine Mazurek Stephens
-In Memoriam, and more.
Issue #3
-Early Schools in the La Vernia Area, by Allen and Regina Kosub
-Murder of the La Vernia Postmaster, by Allen and Regina Kosub
-Postmasters in La Vernia, provided by Allen and Regina Kosub
-Old Timers on the Cibolo, by J. B. Polley
-Emma Anna Mattke Schievelbein, by Susan Richter and Elaine Stephens
-In Memoriam and more.
Issue #4
-Train Track Tales-The Exhibit
-Map of Train Tracks Through La Vernia
-Photos of the La Vernia Depot
-History of the Railroad Through La Vernia
-Railroading Recollections
-Living In A Train Car
-Train Track Tales – Their Stories, by local legends:
-Bennie Brooks, Irene Brooks, Eugene C. Duelm, Sr., Frank L. Fischer, Helen Engelhardt Freeman, Juanita Wiseman Grubbs, Gerald Hartmann, Ewald “Junior” Koepp, Tommy Kravitz, Gene “Juney” Lenz, Lewanna Lenz, Vernelle Jane Schraub Richter, Danny Santos, Juanita Vega Santos, Larry Schievelbein, Donald Schroeder, Bill Wiseman, Clydell Witte, Evelyn Koepp Wosnig, Dora Witte Wyatt, Carl Zenner, Robert Zuehl.
Issue #5
-Churches in the La Vernia Area
-Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
-Christ Lutheran Church of Elm Creek
-First Baptist Church of La Vernia
-Immanuel Lutheran Church
-La Vernia United Methodist Church
-La Vernia Primitive Baptist Church
-St. Ann Catholic Church
-Zion Fair Baptist Church
-Other Churches in the La Vernia Area
-Photos from our Tour of Churches
-In Memoriam and more.

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