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memThe planned Memorial will recognize *eligible (see below) U. S. military Veterans connected with the La Vernia area. (See Veterans Wall Inscription Policy below). The Memorial is a monument to be located in the La Vernia City Park in Wilson County, Texas. In addition to recognizing and honoring La Vernia area Veterans, the Memorial will honor our military and their sacrifices for our freedom. It will also be a place for appropriate ceremonies. The original design was by UTSA School of Architecture graduate, Dustin Buckley, of La Vernia. The project Architect is Hollie Scott Sanchez, PLLC, STUDIO ARCHiTEKTS.

Ten walls of granite, forming the shape of a star, will create five points representing the five branches of the U. S.  Military. Each wall will be five feet tall by six feet wide, and inscribed with the names of thousands of eligible Veterans. The walls will be erected on a forty foot circular concrete foundation. The center-facing edge of the wall triangles will create five separate walls; each displaying an engraved emblem of one of the five branches of the U.S. Military. In the center of the monument will be a twenty foot tall, obelisk with a color, laser-engraved U. S. Flag appearing to gracefully wrap around the top. Benches and flag pole receptacles will also be included. A walkway of engraved bricks, called the Patriots Pathway, will lead to the monument from the nearby Butterfly Garden. The Memorial will be built in phases as funding becomes available.

Support and Funding
The La Vernia Veterans Memorial will be funded though:

  1. The purchase of personalized bricks on the Patriots Pathway.
  2. The sponsorship of memorial benches on the monument.
  3. The purchase of inscriptions on the Veterans Wall.
  4. Donations, grants and fundraisers such as the La Vernia Wild West Hammerfest Bicycle Ride.

Note:  donations for items in the City Park outside the area of the La Vernia Veterans Memorial and the Patriots Pathway, such as trees, drinking fountains, benches, flagpoles, trash receptacles, etc., must be directed to the City of La Vernia.

Participation   –  Donor Recognition and Memorial Opportunities
There are many ways to participate in this project:

1. Veterans Wall*Eligible Veterans may be recognized by an inscription on the Memorial wall. *Eligibility is described in the Veterans Wall Inscription Policy and below.  Orders must be accompanied by a Veterans Wall Inscription application and the application fee. The La Vernia Veterans Memorial Board will review each application for approval.
Price is $50 per inscription.  Download an application for a wall inscription on the Veterans Wall here. 

2. Patriots Pathway – Personalized bricks for permanent placement in the Patriots Pathway may be ordered. Please review the Patriots Pathway Policy.
Prices are $60 for an 4″x8″ brick; $250 for a 8″x8″ brick. Download an application for a brick in the Patriot’s Pathway here.

3. Memorial Benches – Each of the Memorial benches is available for sponsorship.  A Bench Sponsorship Form and payment in full must accompany all orders.
Prices begin at $2,500. Download an application for a Memorial Bench here.

4. Obelisk – We welcome your inquiry about Obelisk donation opportunities. The estimated cost of the entire obelisk is $20,000. All donations are welcomed.

5. Donations – Monetary donations are always appreciated. Mail to La Vernia Veterans Memorial, c/o LVHA, P.O. Box 513, La Vernia, Texas  78121.

6.  Major Donors Recognition  –  A beautiful, donor recognition monument will be placed near the memorial to recognize major donors.

Wall Inscription approvals
All applications for inscriptions must be approved by the La Vernia Veterans Memorial Board.

*Eligibility:  Veterans must:

  1. Have a connection to the La Vernia area, but residency is not required. Possible connections are resident, former resident, live in La Vernia area, family in La Vernia, fond memories of La Vernia, etc.
  2. Have served honorably and completed their obligation of service in the U.S.A. in one of the recognized branches of the U.S. military; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy.
  3. Have completed their obligation of service and have an assigned DD214 or equivalent or DN204 number or other acceptable verification of honorable service, except for military service prior to 1870, for which a historical document or record proving service is required. All documentation will be verified.
    – If you need a DD214 or DN204 or proof of service, visit www.archives.gov.
    – In lieu of a DD214, you may submit a photo of the Veterans headstone if it is in a military cemetery.


a. Are limited to one Veteran per branch of service.
b. May not include groups or more than one Veteran name.
c. May not contain graphics.
d. Are limited to a maximum of three lines; twenty spaces per line.
e. Are limited to any combination of the following only, with the Veteran’s name always listed on the first line:

  • Name (first, last)
  • Branch of service
  • Highest rank held
  • Medals and honors
  • Dates of service
  • Theater of service
  • Occupational specialty


There is NO deadline to order inscriptions, however a substantial savings is available to applicants who submit applications for inscriptions prior to the beginning of Phase II. Currently the price is still $50.

Cost:  Each application fee for a Wall Inscription is $50 until Phase II begins, at which time the price must increase to $150.  All fees are non-refundable. Currently the price is still $50.

These policies are for the Veterans wall only. Engraved bricks for the Patriots Pathway must be ordered separately on the Brick Order Form only.
Download the La Vernia Veterans Memorial Overview here.
Download an application for a Wall Inscription here: Wall Inscriptions Form.
Download an application for a brick in the Patriot’s Pathway here.

The La Vernia Veterans Memorial is a project of the La Vernia Historical Association, a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization. We also welcome checks payable to the La Vernia Veterans Memorial or the La Vernia Historical Association.  Mail checks to P.O. Box 513, La Vernia, Texas  78121.
Thank you.